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High Purity ball valves are typically designed for the use of bioprocessing system and pharmaceutical industry, where sterility, drainability and cleanability are essentially concerned. Nowadays the industry relies on ASME/BPE to determine the designs of all the equipments and components for use in the applications. According to this standard and the need for extremely high levels of purity, Modentic high purity ball valves emphasize their characteristics of strong resistance of corrosion and elimination of contamination so to combat common problems occurs in this system.

Metallic Materials of construction
We make high purity ball valves in both forging and casting. All wetted metallic surfaces of stainless steel ball valves are constructed from 316L stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance, low Ferrite content and sulfur content are under good control. Higher grade of Materials are available for option: Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Monel AL6XN or Titanium.
Sulfur content is controlled to .005-.017% and material test reports with chemistry and mechanical properties of the Tube Ends are sent with each valve.

Tube Port Design
Modentic high purity ball valves use the same bore sizes for the connecting tube as well as the internal components, The dimension (I.D. and O.D.) of the end matches the tubing system diameter and wall thickness, Tube End length accommodates orbital welding tool and prevents body seal damage caused by the heat of welding. Certainly connections in clamp style in accordance with US 3A standard are available.

Electro- Polishing
Although mechanical polishing is able to reduce the roughness from smeared stainless surface rapidly, there are still great possibilities of adhering particles remained, and the passivated layer will be destroyed after MP,let alone the surface could be rough easily. The performance of Electro-Polishing is able to smooth away all the defects of MP, the stainless surface is dissolved by EP to reduce roughness Ra to 0.05um. Besides, during EP process, Fe ion separates out first of all and let a passived layer be created on the stainless surface for higher resistance of corrosion.

Test & Pack in Clean Room - Class 100
Each single ball valve is carefully inspect and tested by highly trained and experienced staff. All ball valves are 100% leak tested, cleaned, and assembled in a class 100 clean room.